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Lectures, exciting knowledge and practice analysis of Karin Albrecht.

Group Fitness subjects with complete Workouts and Body Toning processes, warm ups and choreography with break down, ideas and recommendations of Cyril Lüthi and team.

With the star online platform, you always have access to our knowledge and experience. You can extend knowledge and gather new ideas by the use of various lesson plans , practice analysis , lectures and talks . With star online we talk to interested people and coaches.

The handling is very simple. Register for free as a 1st step. Then you have access to the different subject areas. You can watch the "free" video. Furthermore, it is possible to buy individually videos (fully watchable) or to have an unlimited access to all videos (except M.A.X., BOOST, Antara-Member) with a subscription for 365 days. Have fun with starOnline!
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M.A.X. Update 3/19 - Deutsch

M.A.X. Update 3/19 - Deutsch Vom 1. Juli'19 bis 30. September'19 Downloads...

Preis: CHF 30.00


M.A.X. Update 3/19 - English

For July, August and September Downloads (below); - "Cheat Sheet" -...

Preis: CHF 25.00


smartAbs 3/19

Das intensive Bauch & Core Training (25-30min.) Im smartAbs 3/19 wird...

Preis: CHF 25.00


BOOST 3/19

Vom 1. Juli'19 bis 30. September'19 Downloads "siehe unten"; - E-Poster...

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